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Vechicle and car

Vehicles need to be coated in some way to slow down the corrosion of the metal of which they are made. A good vehicle surface coating will also be smooth and flexible and not be easily chipped by stones.

Outdoor installation

All above finish is applied to outdoor installatiion for all surface coating is as important for durability and good performance as is the finish-substrate combination chosen for the job.

Building and infrastructure

International protective coatings' extensive track record in the infrastructure market is testament to years of global experience providing performance coatings to protect all the surface for Bridges , Commerical Buildings , Leisure & Sporting Venues , Tall Buildings and Transportation hubs.

Furniture and interior

We provide support to furniture objective of meeting the requirement for high levels of chemical/physical performance through products and effects that are able to anticipate the latest trends in the world of design.

Consumer electronic

The fast-changing consumer electronics, industrial plastics and automotive interior markets are highly competitive industries, and manufactures look to coating formulators to help them differentiate their products through unique surface effects that are attractive to demanding consumers.

Aviation and maritime

For the general aviation/Yacht industry , wood reveneering and revarnishing, electroplating and leather upgrading are the reasons why they look to the leading provider for interior coating to get protection for the surface.

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