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Heavy industry

Heavy industry is the foundation of modern civilization, cover from energy, raw materials, metal, chemical and others, these are the backbone of the nation. Differ from end user oriented industry, most of these facilities and equipments expose to the outdoor environment for easier module modification and management. Modern looking is the less priority, but durability is the most important.

A smart solution to all maintenance and to effective equipment performance.

EZ Coating LLC - protection is tough. It separates facilities and equipment from contacting air completely, and it keeps weather and moisture away. Besides, this glass protection layer is invulnerable to acid/alkaline and harsh chemical, and even potential emission damages from density industrial cluster. The working temperature of EZ Coating LLC is up to 750 Celsius, which is able to adapt to most of the industrial need.

With all of these, EZ Coating LLC greatly increases overall durability and lifecycle of the facilities and equipment.

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